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Vegas baby!!

Friday, January 25, 2013


This past weekend sure was a crazy one! It was a weekend of fun, excitement, gambling, laughter, dancing, and celebration. It consisted of three days, two nights, way too many activities to count, and forty sorority girls, all packed into the little town of Las Vegas.

Now if you’re a little confused, let me catch you up to speed here. Every year the senior girls in my sorority pack up their Sperrys and pearls and head to Vegas for a sisters-only weekend in the wintertime. This tradition began years ago and is eagerly looked forward to by every girl in the sorority. It is basically a kick-off to the senior celebrations. The Vegas trip happens right before (or right at the start of) the spring semester, the last semester for all of the senior girls. It is a chance for us all to be together one last time before wrapping up our undergraduate experience. I looked forward to this past weekend for what seemed like forever, and now that it’s gone I’m actually a little sad.

Don’t get me wrong, we truly had a blast! We danced for what seemed like days, ate way too much sushi, explored M&M World, rode the roller coaster, and gambled away our student loans. One of my sisters even won $300! But as much fun as this weekend was, it is bittersweet to see it go. While this weekend marks the start of celebration and joy, it also begins the graduation countdown. I am excited to graduate and to continue on with my life, but I will miss these girls. I have been with them through it all and it is so strange to think that I might not see some of them ever again. Of course I will stay in touch, but who knows where these amazing women will go in their lives. I am excited to see where they will end up and what they will do in the future. You could tell that we were all thinking the same. We took tons of pictures, told crazy stories from our past few years in Boulder, and lived every minute to its fullest, because we knew that once we went back to Colorado, the craziness of the semester would begin. We would no longer have time to all sit around and joke like we used to. We now have graduate tests to study for and internship bosses to impress. We are fully aware that our carefree undergraduate days are numbered; yet we are somehow fine with it. We know that no matter where we go in life, we will always have memories to look back on and our fellow sisters to call. Vegas was just one giant celebration of that. We made so many crazy memories this past weekend and I look forward to the day when I can sit down with my sisters and say, “remember that time in Vegas…”. 

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