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Monday, February 4, 2013


So, over Winter Break, my boyfriend, Steven, and I watched a lot of Netflix documentaries...a lot.  It’s a symptom of being burned out from a crazy semester and not having cable. But, even though we were watching a lot of television, we were learning even more. Our documentaries of choice? Forks Over Knives and Food, Inc. types. All of these documentaries had the same theme --- over processed food is killing us. After doing all this “research,” we decided that it was time for us to eat better.

Over the last few weeks we have almost completely cut meat out of our diets, and even fast food. Usually, I don’t really like eating meat or fast food, but that didn’t mean I was eating healthy. By actually researching which foods were the best, I have finally learned how to feed myself! This is quite an accomplishment for a college student…and me especially…did you know that you shouldn’t really live off of Boulder Baked cookies and yogurt?

Fortunately, we live in Boulder.  There are Whole Foods, Sprouts, and Alf Alfa’s grocery stores on nearly every corner, and it seems like everyone (even fast food places) are conscious of where food comes from. For example, Steven and I recently went to Native Foods Café. This is a vegan restaurant, where you honestly can’t even tell the difference!

I think these days I would totally choose a “Chicken” Run Ranch burger from Native foods over a Five Guys burger.

With this new outlook and diet, I have learned to like more foods and prepare them in the ways that are best for my body. Tonight, I roasted vegetables and mixed them with quinoa.  

Even when you are a busy, poor college student, it is totally possible to eat USDA organic and become a better you…especially if you live in Boulder! 

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