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Sunday, November 4, 2012


In case you didn’t notice, there is an election going on. But, if you’re like many Americans and you’re tired of all of the campaigning don’t worry because all of the ads, campaign stops, and volunteers on the prowl will soon be gone because Election Day is right around the corner! This election is especially exciting to me because it’s the first Presidential Election I get to vote in.

This election is also exciting because I am currently taking a class for my Political Science major called The American Presidency. So far in this class we have learned about presidential powers, the way the Framers thought the Constitution would be conveyed, campaign finance for presidential candidates, and the Electoral College. Each day my professor starts the class with an electoral map and information about the campaign trail from various websites like  All of the information I am leaning in this class is totally applicable to the events happening right now. My professor is so invested in this class that it makes me even more excited to learn.  Can you tell that this is my favorite class?

After carefully doing my research on not just the candidates, but all of the measures on the ballet, I decided to cast my vote at the first day of early voting. 


Here, in Boulder, they make early voting so easy for everyone--- especially the students. I got to vote right on campus at University Club! It was quick and the volunteers were very helpful to me as a first time voter. 


This election season has been very exciting and I am so happy that I finally got to use my voice and cast my vote. If you’re able to and you haven’t already done so, make sure to get out and vote! You will feel so accomplished after using your voice. 


International Affairs | Political Science • Colorado Springs, Colorado

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