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U.S. (Snowboarding) Open Festivities

Sunday, March 3, 2013


Hola amigos!

I know it may seem like every week I ramble about how cool it is to live in Boulder and attend CU, but I have yet another story this week that should support that point. The U.S. Open Snowboarding Championships recently relocated to Vail, CO, which is a short 2.5-3 hour drive from Boulder. This is great news for all CU-Boulder students with cars (or friends with cars) because each year, the event hosts a giant free concert. This year, the crazily popular Macklemore performed FOR FREE. Compare that to his expensive, sold out show at Red Rocks a month ago. I’m not so musically savvy, but luckily for me, my friends from my freshman year residence hall are!

Early last week, my friend Andrea, who also lived in Arnett Hall, and I were talking about music during our History of the American West class, and she invited me to come stay up in the mountains with her and some other Arnett friends and to go see the U.S. Open concert (and snowboard, of course). At first I thought she meant go watch golf up in the mountains, and it was then that I learned that there are many types of U.S. Opens, and that this one had nothing to do with golf! We went up on Friday night and got there just in time for the Macklemore part of the concert and caught the tail end of it. Unfortunately for you all, we couldn’t get quite close enough for pictures.

The next day, we snowboarded (well, I did, while they all skied) at Beaver Creek, the bus stop for which is conveniently located across the street from Andrea’s condo. The snow was excellent, the weather was beautiful, and we had a great time. Oh, and apparently they make free chocolate chip cookies for everybody at Beaver Creek in the morning and again in the afternoon. So of course, I had many.

That night, we went back to Vail for part II of the U.S. Open concert series and saw Santigold, who I had never heard of, but who I’m now a fan of. For that concert, we were determined to sneak our way to the front row, and got there just in time for Santigold’s set. This was quite an achievement for our group, as I was the tallest person, towering at an intimidating 5’ 6”. The front row was prime real estate for picture taking, so enjoy the fruits of my labor below.

Tired and concert-ed out, we returned to Boulder on Sunday to enjoy the tail end of a gorgeous, but windy day. It was a great weekend, and I even got my homework done at the end! 

Me flanked by compatriots Dianna (on the left) and Andrea.

This picture of Santigold turned out way more blurry than I expected, oops!

The glorious, generous Cookie Man, whose platter I emptied.

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