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Sunday, March 17, 2013


I have spent this lovely Saturday night with the wonderful company of my Anthropology, International Political Economy, and Arab Awakening homework. I know it is lame, but a part of college is knowing when to stay home with your books over going out with your friends.  

As I slowly but surely conquer my mountain of homework, I notice that the many social media sites I subscribe to keep distracting me--- from Twitter to Instagram, I just cannot seem to stop checking those tweets and pictures.  It is amazing how technology and social media sites have changed, or even revolutionized, the way that we function. The sunset we see walking home from class can be instantly shared, the funny comment your professor made can be instantly tweeted--- daily events have become focal points of the internet. But, social media isn’t only for hashtags and “likes,” it’s also a great way to find deals at your favorite sandwich place, or check out pictures of, let’s say, the CU campus before ever seeing it in person.

I admit it, I am addicted to social media, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing! I’m always learning things about the areas around me or finding great deals or events going on in Boulder. I find this aspect of social media very helpful & thought some of you might too! Whether you are planning a trip to Boulder, a current student, or you are a prospective student, these sites might be valuable to you!

 Here are a few of my favorites---


@KnowCU |

This twitter account is always sharing the best deals and fun events that are especially interesting to CU students!

@BoulderJobs |

This account tweets all types of job openings in Boulder as they become available.


Check out CUBoulder, cuboulderalumni, and mycuboulder for awesome pictures of the campus, students activities, and attractions around Boulder! You can also search the hashtags #cu #cuboulder #boulder and #mycuboulder to find great pictures as well.

For example, searching #mycuboulder or #cu might lead you to a picture like the one I took-

News Sites:

CU Independent  |


Daily Camera |

Both of these papers have news information that is important to CU students and the community.


“Like” the University of Colorado Undergraduate Admissions page to get up to date information on deadlines, live Twitter sessions, scholarships, and all things CU! They also have a twitter and a youtube account as well. 

So many sites, so little time. 

I know some people may think that social media is annoying or takes away from real life, but I think it enhances it! Plus, it has become such a big part of everyday life--- even a few of my classes have a class facebook page, tumblr, or blog to share ideas and earn participation points--- you might as well use it to find great deals and learn about awesome events.

Check these out & find out what CU and Boulder have to offer!


International Affairs | Political Science • Colorado Springs, Colorado

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