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TV Production

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


As a broadcast production major, I am required to take the class TV Production 1. In this class, we learn about how to film and edit our videos as well as direct and produce a show in the Atlas building studio. The first part of this class was field production. We learned how to use the cameras that CU supplies and learned Adobe Premiere to edit these videos. Each week we got a new video to shoot. This included a PSA and a news package. This part of the class was also the lecture sequence of the course where we learned about lighting and how to set up certain packages and videos. This part of the class only lasted the first 8 weeks of the semester. The second half of the semester focused on directing and producing your own show.
The first assignment of the second half of the semester was an interview. We learned cues to direct the show to change the camera angles and adjust the audio and start and stop music. We learned how to stay on our toes by directing a live show in front of our teacher and take critiques for the next project. The second project was to direct a news break. We wrote the script with news stories and three anchors. This one was slightly more difficult because we had to learn how to throw it to a commercial and also how to direct the cameramen to make sure they knew who was speaking next. After these two assignments, everybody in the class began to feel more confident with out directing skills. I had my final project yesterday where we chose the type of show we wanted to direct and pick our talent and write the script. I decided to make an E news type show, where the anchors stood in front of three cameras in front a moniter that showed pictures of what they were talking about. This is a little harder than I had anticipated. I went into the show expecting one thing and had to change the way that I wanted my show to go. I had learned from the past two projects how to work on my toes. This class is always really fun because everybody has gotten to know each other so well because we all have to work so closely together. I love this class and wouldn't want to change my major for anything!
Broadcast Production • Danville, CA

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