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Travel, Veganism, the Arab Spring, and Aliens

Friday, April 12, 2013


This week was the Conference on World Affaris (CWA) here on CU's campus. This is one of my favorite, if not my absolute favorite, traditions that happens at CU and I thought I should dedicate a special blog post to this great event. 

I always say that I chose CU because it is a big campus that has something for everyone, and this is exactly true of the events that CU hosts, especially the CWA. The CWA is a large-annual-week long conference with topics that range from travel to aliens. There are over 100 participants with different backgrounds and world views, and the best part? All of the conferences are free and open to the public! So, not only does the CWA provide an outlet for you to open your mind to these interesting view points and topics, but it provides an outlet for you to meet people from the Boulder community you may never have had the chance to meet otherwise. 

This year the theme was “Everything Conceivable” and I had the chance to attend 4 panels. With over 200 to choose from, I was a little overwhelmed, but I chose the ones with topics that I knew a little bit about or have thought about.

The first panel I attended was all about travel. This year I have been to NYC and DC, and I think it’s safe to say I have been bitten by the travel bug. This panel consisted of 3 speakers--- each with mountains of travel experience. Each of the speakers shared their wildest travel stories and greatest travel tips.

There were several panels on the events in the Arab Spring this year. This was super helpful to me because my senior seminar is all about the Arab Spring; I only wish I got to attend more of the panels on this topic.

The third panel I went to was cleverly named, “Veganism: We’ve got to stop meating like this” Get it?! I chose to go to this panel to gain more insight into how/why people are vegans and why this diet is beneficial to our bodies and the world. I learned so much! One of the panelists stated that as a vegan she could “drive a hummer around the world twice and still not emit as much waste as a meat eater.”

The final panel I attended was all about aliens and alien abduction. This panel was probably the most interesting. The panel consisted of an astronomer from the SETI institute, a woman who is writing a book on vampires, a doctor, and a freelance science writer. Talk about a lot of opinions!

See what I mean when there is something at the CWA for everyone?

I learned so much this week. It was all I could have hoped for for my last CWA as a student and someday I hope to come back to the CWA as a community member!


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