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Tractor Driving

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Hi all!

As some of you may know, I play on the CU club baseball team. We are currently in the midst of the fall season, in which we play a total of 15 games. This past weekend, we participated in a team fundraiser on Saturday and then played a game against the School of Mines on Sunday.

For our team fundraiser, we drove up to the mountains just north of Fort Collins, and hauled wood all day for a family with property up there. I was expecting an easy and boring day of manual labor, but it ended up being much more fun than that. First, we tossed felled trees down what seemed like a mountain. This was actually really difficult and strenuous work, and I was able to get a solid workout in during this part. It really made me appreciate just how difficult it must have been to build houses in the mountains back in the day. Next, we cut the logs into manageable chunks and fed them into a wood splitter. Now comes the best part. In order to move the wood back up the hill to the house, we loaded it into a tractor. Being from Boulder, I had never driven a tractor before, and it was all that it has been hyped up to be. Even though it was a relatively small tractor, it was still awesome to drive and I would consider this past weekend to be one of the more productive weekends of this semester. (I even won a little ping pong tournament we played while up in the mountains.)

                After this day of tractor driving and rolling logs down a hill, we headed back to Boulder to play a game against the School of Mines club baseball team. We beat them 14-5, and got our first win of the year.

As a whole, this weekend was incredibly fun. Not only did we win, but I also got to drive a tractor, and that’s where true happiness comes from.

GO BUFFS! Beat Arizona!


Mathematics and Education • Boulder, CO

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