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Tourists Being Tourists

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


As we all know, tourists are annoying.


Even when I was visiting places as a tourist, I still wished all the other tourists would just buzz off and let me be alone with whatever majestic site I happen to be at.


However, one plus of tourists is that they are often hilariously awkward and nonsensical. I have always been a big people watcher, and in all of my travels I have had the pleasure of encountering many goofy tourists doing goofy things.


So, I decided to document these instances. 


May I present to you my collection of pictures: "A Tourist Taking Pictures of Tourists Taking Pictures of Tourists."


All of these images are of other tourists taking pictures of each other at sites. Admittedly, there were a few awkward encounters when people realized what I was doing, but I think in the end, it was all worth it.


Over the course of the last 6 months, I have amassed 73 snapshots of tourists photographing one another. I will spare you from all of them, but here are a few highlights. Enjoy!




This is Ivan, a friend of mine, with the Dying Gaulle in Rome


The famous "I AMsterdam" letters. Too many tourists taking pics


A couple, I believe they were Russian, in the Colosseum in Rome


Gotta respect the crouch from this guy for his girl (at the Vatican)


Wedding pics at Camlica Hill in Istanbul


Some girl acting like she's a shining star in the Vatican museums


Chicks shamelessly ripping selfies at the Fontana di Trevi in Rome


I call this one "Smiling Asian Boy" 

A group of runners at the Avrasya 10k race in Istanbul


Getting dust and rocks in the background in Capadocia (Photo cred to Natalie Garland)


This one was also taken by Natalie. It's me laughing out loud at the couple taking a selfie on the Med in Southern Turkey


Here we have an example of a tourist who caught on to what I was doing. She is looking directly at me and is probably kinda weirded out (with good reason) that I'm taking a picture of her


Another guy getting down low to get the angel for his girlfriend. This is in the Suleymaniye Mosque


This is not a tourist site. But it's just two Korean girls ripping selfies in class (photo cred to Conor Hampson)


A grown man wearing cargo shorts, standing awkwardly in front of Galata Tower


Outside of the Circumcision Room at Topkapi Palace. The was room where every male member of the royal family got the snip-snip


This one isn't tourists taking pictures, but it's still funny. A Russian couple stuffing their kitty into his man-purse during their hike in Bled, Slovenia

And finally, a picture of me taking a picture of my mom in the Suleymaniye.


Happy New Years everyone!



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