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A tourist again

Monday, December 2, 2013

            Such a fantastic week in Barca, my parents came into town on Wednesday, and we were busy from the time they arrived to the time they left for the airport. I was a tour guide to the best parts of the city, visiting many of Barcelona's many wonderful destinations. I felt like a tourist again, but sort of re-discovered the city again checking out some unfamiliar sports, and bringing my parents to all worth checking out, like some of the great restaurants in the city.

            One of the great places we went was 4 Gats a historic restaurant tucked in a tiny street in Barca’s Gothic Quarter. It’s a little tough to find if you don’t know the area, but the search is well worth it, with a bustling environment and fantastic food I could see why it was such a popular hangout for Pablo Picasso and other artists who adopted it as their gathering place. It’s said great art came out of the restaurant, what’s certain is that great food still does.

            We also caught a show at the Theatre Liceu, and a few other of the notable places around Barcelona. Interestingly enough, my parents seemed to rank the street food we had as some of their favorite food. Being a college kid on a budget has a way of introducing you to some of the best finds for the lowest prices. The key to eating out in college is budgeting but even then you’ll then realize Boulder is a tad bit pricey and the Flagstaff House every night isn’t feasible, but this is when we’re at our finest in searching. Some of the must go to places in Boulder for food on a budget are the Village Coffee Shop, the Mountain Sun Brewery, and the ever famous and always fantastic Cosmos pizza, located on the hill. Boulder, and Barcelona are great food towns, so if you’re like me you’ll find a significant amount of your wallet going to food, but again it’s all about budgeting.

            Anyways, there’s two weeks left here so I’ll start preparing for my finals, and finalizing my winter travel plans. I hope your all able to finish your semester and eventually getting ready to finalize college plans. For now, enjoy your week.





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