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Thursday Night Cruisers

Friday, October 19, 2012


Imagine 100 of your friends all gathered together on a Thursday night. Imagine all of you together at a park. Imagine all of you dressed up in costumes based on a common theme. Now imagine all of you with bikes, cruising around the city of Boulder, wishing every person you pass a “Happy Thursday!” enthusiastically.


This is the scene of the Boulder Thursday Night Cruiser Ride. I went on my first ride when I was about twelve, and I am still going on them today. I still remember the biggest one I’ve ever been on. The estimates were that about 700 people were out riding their bikes together. The theme that night was a cross-dressing wedding. I was riding a tandem with a female friend, who was wearing a tux, and I had purchased a white dress for the occasion. Admittedly, it was one of the most uncomfortable costumes I have ever worn, however, the ride was so fun that I quickly forgot and was immersed in the din of bike bells ringing as the streets were flooded with people riding very cool bikes dressed in elaborate costumes.


The cruiser rides are a staple of warm nights in Boulder, as the winter months approach, and the temperatures drop, they thin out, until eventually they are postponed until the spring. However, every year they start back anew.


Unfortunately, I do not have a good picture of the entire scene of the cruiser ride, so I attached one of me on my cruiser bike, riding around town. However, if you are interested in learning more about the Thursday Night Rides, visit their official website at and come join the fun!



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