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Thinking of going abroad again...

Monday, October 3, 2011

Some one get me back on a plane

I am infected with a spirit for travel. Last year around this time, I was pacing the streets of Salamanca, Spain, enamored with the beauty of old Europe. I travelled to several different cities-- Paris, Barcelona, Prague, Dublin, Rome-- and the more I saw, the more the desire for travel coursed through my body. I would squeeze site seeing into weekends, I would eat at delicious restaraunts and stay in weird, quirky hostels, scratching the European itch that had been bothering me for so long.

And then, I came home. Back in Boulder, as I unpacked my things-- my trinkets and new clothes--, I realized just how much I had actually brought back with me. I had brought home with me experiences that would forever remain in my mind, caputured like the photographs that I put on my wall. My memories instigated a spark that begged for me... and lately that spark has exponentially grown so much that I can't stop thinking about travel.

Lately, I've been thinking even more about my time abroad, and I've decided that I want to go again. One of the great things about CU is that there are so many opportunities to go abroad. You can spend a summer in South Africa, a year in Japan, a semester in London, or even just a quick month in Chile. The program that I am currently looking into is a Global Seminar in Tanzania, which would allow me to pay tuition directly to CU and receive immediate CU credit for my class. 

CU values international education so much that they offer an office solely dedicated to going abroad. You can search programs, receive information regarding all the paperwork (visa applications are a very complicated process!), advice from former students who travelled abroad, and help transferring your abroad credits into CU credits. They make it possible for any major to travel abroad without sacrificing some crucial classes, so if studying abroad is something you're considering, CU can definitely make it happen.

As for me, I'll be using the study abroad office to apply for scholarships, etc., to help fund my potential trip to Tanzania. This travel thirst, afterall, will need to be quenched soon! Someone, please get me back on a plane.


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