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Thanksgiving Fun

Sunday, November 25, 2012

My Thanksgiving break was extremely relaxing, laid back, and most of all, really fun.  I got to sleep at home for a few nights, with my parents' house being about a 10 minute drive from my house on campus.  Break started a few days early with my birthday being the Thursday before break, and I had a great dinner at home with some of my extended family from Boulder and Denver, in addition to being with my roommates up on the Hill.  During break I was between both of my Boulder homes, sleeping with my parents all but two nights of break.  Wednesday I went down to the Denver Zoo with my mom, sister, and two cousins, a third grader and a sixth grader.  I went to the zoo to do an extra credit assignment for Physical Anthropology, where I had to study a single primate and write a summary of my findings.  I looked at the black-crested macaques, which we studied in class.  Following the zoo, we had a big football game iwht everybody who was back for break, and I slept in Denver Wednesday night.


Thursday was both my cousin Joe's birthday as well as Thanksgiving.  We played basketball, raked leaves, and watched some football during the day, and then enjoyed our traditional Nathanson family Thanksgiving dinner.  About 30 people came to dinner, bringing sweet potatoes (my favorite), brussel sprouts, stuffing, pie, and three different kinds of turkey (roasted, fried, and smoked).  My uncle Mark just bought a grill with a smoker, and he has smoked excellent fish, meat, and now turkey.  Being from a large Jewish family, the talk inevitably turned to the crisis in Israel with Gaza, and the room was filled with opinions.  However, it was a relatively excitement-free evening, which has not been the case in prior years.  I am extremely thankful for all the privileges in my life right now, starting with my ability to go to college, which many people my age are not able to do.  I am thankful for the support I receive from my parents, sister, friends, and family, and am very greatful for good health and prosperity.  And of course, I am thankful for my 23rd-ranked Colorado Buffaloes.  Go Buffs!




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