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The Tests Are Upon Us!

Friday, September 28, 2012

This week has settled down for me a bit with my extracurricular activities, but school is beginning to pick up. I have my first test of the semester next week, so I spent time with my professor figuring out how to prepare for her exam. It’s in my psychopathology class, where we are learning the symptoms and treatment methods for anxiety and depressive disorders, so I should be able to remember the material by using real life examples of the disorders!


Last weekend, some of the the Student Ambassadors at CU went to Gateway Fun Center in North Boulder, where we played mini golf and went go karting for a few hours. My mini golf game is usually pretty hit or miss, but this week I managed to break even at par! I also won one round of go-karts and completely lost another… all depends on which kart you claim! I think I laughed more while I was losing than I even did winning! I attached a picture from the day below.


At Young Life College this week, we had a black light dance party for the first five minutes of our club. We had glow sticks and an awesome mashup done for the group! It was super fun! I love having a group of friends that love spontaneous dance parties - and especially on Wednesday nights, it's a super fun way to let loose at the end of the busiest day of the week. It was one of the best nights of my college years so far!


This weekend, CU plays UCLA in football at Folsom Field. I'm hoping we can pull out another win like we did last week! I'm also having a breakfast with a bunch of my friends on Sunday morning. I'm really excited to get to use our house and kitchen to make a giant creative breakfast! I'll be sure to post pictures from both next week! GO BUFFS!


CU Student Ambassadors at Gateway Fun Center

Psychology/Education • Centennial, CO

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