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Team Deep Threat

Saturday, January 26, 2013


There are certain things that deserve their own folklore, and there are certain things that do not. My buddies and I are members of an indoor soccer team known as Team Deep Threat. Team Deep Threat is something that is undeserving of lore.


However, that has not stopped us from creating some lore for Deep Threat. There is much to be said about Deep Threat, it began during my senior year of high school, which means that the alumni of Deep Threat are now represented in 6 states, as a result of the college diaspora. We made our own jerseys (which are really just tank tops we ordered online), and created a twitter handle (if you are interested please follow @TEAMDEEPTHREAT, we like to think that we are very funny).


Team Deep Threat was the brain child of two of my friends during our senior year of high school. They registered the squad for the winter  session and and the legend was born. That season we had the good fortune of playing against other high schoolers. Since we were seniors, our size was able to make up for our general lack of skill.

However, when we moved up to college, we decided to keep the dream alive. The difference is that we would now have to play with adults. Now, not only do we suck at soccer, but we no longer hold a distinct size advantage. As such, Team Deep Threat is yet to enjoy a winning season, earning us the nickname "The Jacksonville Jaguars of Boulder Indoor Soccer."

That said, Team Deep Threat is just plain fun and it is a great way to cap off a weekend every week (our games are played on Sunday nights). The picture attached is a team photo from last season. If any of you out there are soccer players interested in being a potential star of a Sunday night men's league, feel free to comment.




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