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Syllabus Week

Monday, January 21, 2013

Just another beautiful, snowy afternoon on Norlin Quad.

Yes my friends, it’s that time again. That magical time when students are back from break and the Hill is once again bustling with life and excitement. Now don’t get me wrong, being a close-to-Boulder native I do enjoy the times when students go home and the Boulderites have the run of the town once again. The campus just has such a different feel once everyone leaves.

During winter break, Boulder becomes a sleepy, laidback town where the snow falls undisrupted on the peaks of the flatirons and the quiet nights remain still and reserved. It is a unique experience to walk through the snow-covered streets, your breath swirling upwards in a cloudy puff of white, and hear nothing but the distant sound of a car passing by on Broadway. During the day, those who remain take advantage of the beautiful landscape by skiing, snowboarding, sledding, holding massive snowball fights on Norlin Quad, and taking a relaxing walk through the freshly fallen snow. But at night, the town has a totally different feel. People pack local restaurants as sounds of laughter and clinking glasses filter out from the warm, bright interior, and into the still, wintery air on the streets. It is such a relaxing, simple time. It is a time that I am sad to see pass each year, but one that I can’t wait to say goodbye to. As much as I love the still, brisk mountain air, I eagerly await for students to return.

 This week is the start of classes, commonly referred to as ‘syllabus week’. It is a time of transition from break life to school life. This week is arguably the best of the year. Ski season is at its peak, students are happy to be back, and no one is stressed. Students have retuned from their vacations and eagerly await their return to CU. During the day, the campus is alive with confused students trying to find their way to the classrooms that they will call home for the next 15 weeks. Classes are usually slow to start, so students rarely have much homework and are able to ease back into study mode. Since many students don’t have much work to worry about they are able to spend more time socializing and catching up. All around the town squeals of joy are heard as friends see each other once again after being apart for almost a month. The softly fallen snow is littered with footsteps as the Hill comes alive once again. Students wander the Hill at night, searching for their friends’ houses and for a good time. Everyone knows that this is the last of their vacation before school is in full swing so they make every last minute count.

 I truly enjoy syllabus week and I am sad that this is the last one of my undergraduate year. I had a blast seeing my friends again and catching up, and I know this sounds extremely nerdy, but I look forward to this semester and can’t wait to get into the heart of all of my classes. I am sure that the last semester of my undergraduate career is going to be the best, yet busiest of my life.

Psychology and Neuroscience • Niwot, Colorado

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