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Super Bowl Weekend

Monday, February 4, 2013


Superbowl Weekend

I’m sure you all tuned in for possibly the most watched power outage in the history of the world, I mean, the Super Bowl. Hopefully you weren’t too disappointed by the outcome, but it’s always fun to watch football!

I got lucky this weekend, because in addition to the Super Bowl festivities, my fraternity had our open houses for spring rush. Basically, that means we got to grill burgers and hot dogs and hang around our house while potential new brothers joined us. For two days! Count me in. We even set up our own mini golf course throughout the house, which was very difficult, considering the amount of stairs we have.

Then on Saturday night, some friends and I went to a restaurant on Pearl St. called Sushi Zanmai, where we did karaoke (well I really only watched) and, of course, ate sushi. I had never been there before, but it was a ton of fun. I’d highly recommend going there if you’re visiting CU (and I’m not just saying that because they gave us free “hachimaki” or headbands/bandanas). Also, fun fact about Sushi Zanmai: the owner, Masao Maki, starred in the first production of CU Alums and South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone, Cannibal! The Musical.

Also, I forgot to write about it last time, but last weekend some of my brothers and I went up to the mountains to play some disc golf, which is a departure from our usual mountain hobby of skiing/snowboarding. It’s a really cool course that’s built in a ghost town about two hours up in the mountains. I couldn’t tell you exactly where it is because I took a nap on the way up and down, oops! So here’s a couple pictures from that excursion!

Apparently, disc golf course is not enough to describe this one. It's actually a sanctuary.

It's a rough life out here in Colorado. 

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