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Summertime Plans

Monday, April 30, 2012


This summer is approaching at a rapid speed—I can’t believe tomorrow is going to be the first of May! The best part, for me at least, is all the exciting things I have going on this summer.

I’ll be lifeguarding at the reservoir a few days a week, continuing to work my mall job a few days a week, but best of all, I’ll be interning in down town Denver one day a week with a venture capital firm! I’m so ready to start my internship and begin learning how the venture capital process work; most importantly, I’m ready to apply all the theory and skills I’ve been attempting to master here at CU. And, I’ll be in the heart of Denver at least once  a week, which will be a great urban change to the sanguine, provincial life offered in Boulder.

My friends and I have endeavored to align our days off this summer so that we can really take advantage of all the awesome outdoors things that Colorado has to offer. Multiple camping trips, rafting trips, 14er expeditions, and days at Water World are already in the works. With Boulder being so accessible to so many awesome adventures just outside the city limits, I know that, together, we’ll definitely be able to enjoy the summer.

Finally, the best way to kick of the summer is by running the Bolder Boulder, a 10k that winds all throughout the streets of Boulder and ends in Folsom Field. Besides providing a much-needed excuse to get my butt back into shape, the Bolder Boulder is one of the most entertaining races to run. People will put slip ‘n slides in their yards that runners will slide on mid race; people set up “aid stations” wherein they throw marshmallows at oncoming runners, who attempt to catch them in their mouth; and some people even set up their amps and drum sets and put on a makeshift show in their front yard. It never feels quite like summer until you’re finished with the Bolder Boulder!


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