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Summer Summary!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Those of you who just started school this week, welcome to CU-Boulder! Those of you reading, but aren't quite here yet, welcome too! I can't believe the school year has already started. It seems like I just got done taking finals in May! As you get older time really flies by so you have to make the most of every second! On that note, since I just started blogging, I'd like to catch you up to speed on what I did this summer! Some may consider me a "work-a-holic" but I prefer to stay busy doing the things I love and this summer was no exception! My first attempt at writing this blog post resulted in me accidentally deleting the entire thing before saving it, which was probably for the better because I tend to ramble on and I was definitely writing a novel. So this go around I'll start off doing things a little differently. I'll list some of the highlights of my summer and talk a little about each one so you can get to know a little bit more about me and what I do!

CU Office of Admissions:

I currently hold a position as a student assistant in the admissions office on campus-which basically means I help in the office wherever I am needed! Right now, I work at the front desk helping manage the flow of walk-in students and parents-plus continuing students-visiting campus! I answer lots of questions about CU and also process mail and transcripts that come to our office. Many of you know this because our office is the first place you go through when applying to CU. (And we applaud you for it! Go Buffs!) Long story short, I continued to work part-time in the office this summer on Tuesdays and Thursdays!

Rudi's Organic Bakery:

This was probably the BIGGEST highlight of my summer. Since I am studying journalism (writing) and communication, I am totally interested in social media, marketing, writing, blogging, Facebook, Twitter, etc... so I wanted to find an internship that would allow me to start exploring this type of work and gain experience for other potential internships down the road. Luckily, my dad and brother work at Rudi's Organic Bakery in Boulder so I had the chance to meet the marketing managers and interview to become a digital and events marketing intern! BINGO. My duties included managing the social meida sites (Facebook and Twitter), writing blogs for the gluten-free website, reaching out to food bloggers to have them try Rudi's, planning, setting up, and running local events across the Front Range in Colorado! It was fun and engaging work and definitely allowed me to gain experience working with all the things I am interested in! Many of you are probably thinking, "Holy cow! I have to start interning my sophomore and junior year of college?!", but that is NOT the case! Do what makes you feel comfortable and take time to let yourself find the things that interest you and see if your program even requires an internship. Like I said before, I am considered a "work-a-holic", so don't rush into anything unless you want to! I will say, however, when the time is right and you find yourself wanting to intern somewhere, it really provides great experience for what you plan on doing after college!

Another perk to working for Rudi's this summer was working our booth at Red Rocks for the Grace Potter and Avett Brothers concert! This quickly became my tell-all story for the month of July and my friends quickly told me, in the nicest way possible, to please shut up about what happened. But since this is our first time meeting, I feel as though I am entitled to tell you...... I got Grace Potter's autograph at the concert!!! Since we were vendors at the concert, me and the other intern got VIP wristbands. We had to set up and work our booth from 3-9pm and I was worried we would end up missing most of the concert since it started at 6. After we finished taking down our booth, I ventured down to the VIP section-with velvet ropes.... at Red Rocks?-and watched the sweat roll of the Avett Bros faces. Delightful. All of a sudden, I looked to my right and Grace Potter was rocking out, with drink in hand mind you, with her band! I quickly rumaged through my purse until I found a Sharpie and whatever writeable material I had and walked up to her like a twelve year old girl walking up to meet Justin Bieber-speachless and slightly drooling. After she signed, I said something ridiculous but walked away with her sig and an ego boost. Like I said, I told everyone and everyone told me to stop telling the story. Pretty cool! But internships provide opportunities such as this and are sometimes really worth it even though it is overwhelming to think about!

Rock Climbing:

My friends that know me laugh in my face when I tell them I started rock climbing this summer. Not because I am your typical girly girl but because I am usually cautious and don't trust things outside of my comfort zone. (Hanging by a rope 22 ft high counts) So you are probably wondering why I decided to try rock climbing then. Well, I am learning to push myself through various challenges that I would normally be too scared to overcome so I decided rock climbing would be the perfect way to reduce my fear of heights (even though I still get nervous halfway up the wall) and learn something I only dreamed about learning while flipping through National Geographic Magazine. (I don't really read that mag-just figured it was an outdoorsy magazine that would have pics of rock climbers) So I took myself to Boulder Rock Club and signed up for a class that taught me everything I need to know about rock climbing and even prep me for learning outdoor climbing. (My next adventure!) After several chalk bags and blisters later, I felt completely satisfied that I completed the challenge I set myself up for. Totally rewarding. As you find yourself embarking on your college experience, I would advise you to also find things that set you up for a challenge and learn to work through them so you feel more prepared to take on any fear or obstacle in life. Trust me, you will face some in college, such as getting good grades, starting relationships-with friends and partners-and even working (if you have to) your way through college while attending classes. Taking on a simple challenge you never thought you would, such as rock climbing, will better prepare you while you are at CU! And who knows, you never know who you will meet while engaging in different activities! :)


If you are sick of reading my post by now, I would advise you to stop reading here. If you are happily following along, I have ONE more MAJOR highlight of my summer then I will wrap it up! As many of you can see, my profile picture is me standing on a beach, and although I wish Boulder had sand, palm trees, and an ocean, it simply doesn't. My profile picture was taken in Hawaii literally a week ago! I just got back from taking a much needed week-long vacation on the island of Oahu! Those of you who are Hawaii Buffs-a MAJOR shout out to you! Your islands are BEAUTIFUL. Even though I threatened my mom to let me stay on the island until the Buffs play Hawaii in football next week, she told me to act my age (20) and stop throwing a fit--so we had to pack up and leave. :( Even though I miss the island, I am happy to be back, and fully rejuvenated, in Boulder seeing my friends and taking my classes! I hope some of you also took amazing summer vacations!

So there you have it folks--my summer summary! Yes, it was pretty lengthy but I want you to get to know me and feel comfortable enough about your own college experience, Boulder, and CU! My biggest piece of advice as school starts this week is to take everything slow, soak it up, brag a little to your friends that you attend one of the most beautiful schools in the nation, and get comfortable with Boulder and campus! Remember: we are all in this together! We are all students, no matter our age or academic year, and we are all different individuals pursuing different paths so do what works FOR YOU. There are so many resources on campus to help you figure it out so take time to find them and utilize them! Also, if you have any questions about anything please feel free to stop by the Admissions Office and visit me MWF from 10:00-2:30! I am always happy to chat and help out!!!


Take care and have a wonderful rest of your week!  


PS-pics from my summer are to follow my post! :)




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