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Sugar-Heavy Sunday

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Hi, everyone! This weekend was full of sugar and exploring - two of my favorite things!

One of my best friends from Texas came to visit for the weekend so we crammed as many of her favorite Boulder activities into about 48 hours as we could. Saturday morning, we went for a North Boulder stroll through the more residential part of Boulder. The trees in this area tower over the wide variety of old-timey houses and in the fall, exploring North Boulder is as beautiful as a hike up in Chataqua! The leaves are every color and make for just the most enjoyable scenery for a walk.

Afterward, we took a stroll down to Pearl Street to stop into some of our favorite spots. There's a shop called Piece, Love, and Chocolate that sells the most delicious variety of chocolate goods, cakes, and chocolate drinks! We left with bellies full of free samples and hot cocoa and headed to the Patagonia store (I conveniently left my wallet at home that morning...). Next was to the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory (more chocolate!) for fancy caramel apples and chocolate-dipped Oreos to take back to Texas. We went to a tourist shop and got her another Buffs T-Shirt, and concluded the evening with dinner at Native Foods Cafe on 29th Street Mall - an entirely Vegan restaurant! Overall, she got everything in that she wanted to do in just a short amount of time! I posted a picture of us on Pearl below.

On the way back from the airport, one of my other best friends and I needed to cheer ourselves up from dropping our friend off to head back home. We quickly remembered the recent opening of DUNKIN DONUTS on the way to DIA and instantly asked Siri to help us find it. We left with a half-dozen to tear apart on the way home, noting that the drive-thru is open 24 hours per day. Rest assured we will be making more trips that direction until the Boulder location opens here within the next year! I posted a picture of this adventure below.

This weekend was what college is all about - addressing sugar cravings, enjoying good company, exploring the town around you, enjoying the seasons, and making impulsive executive decisions when donuts are involved. I hope you all are enjoying fall!

Fall on Pearl!


Dunkin Donuts at DIA :)

Psychology/Education • Centennial, CO

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