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Monday, December 5, 2011


I had been dreading this past Friday.  Something that I’ve noticed about myself is that when I have to plan something, like an event, my anxiety is THROUGH THE ROOF! On Friday I had two back-to-back events that I had to co-coordinate with members of my classes. The first event was the “Life Healthy Live Happy” symposium that my writing class called Hunger in America and Abroad put on for University Hill Elementary School right across from campus. My station that I was in charge of creating was focusing on exercise (with my background and job, I figured that was appropriate enough). I work with one of the strength and conditioning coaches for the football team, and he suggested to get a few of the players to come to the event and do some exercises with the kids. When I pitched the idea to my teacher, she was thrilled! Of course, I put my trust in everyone else and figured that the athletic department would get me the players that I needed—but the Wednesday before the event, I still had no players! Of course, I was losing sleep over this, thinking about what I could do to stalk down some players (side note: creepily facebook messaging the quarterback doesn’t work).


Being involved in as many activities as my schedule will allow me, I pride myself on my networking skills. Thankfully, with a great deal of phone calls, text messages, and a little bit of crying, I ended up with four wonderful football players at the event. The kids were THRILLED to meet them, and even asked for their autographs and took pictures with the players. I think I was more thrilled than the kids that everything worked out so well (and that the players totally helped boost my grade in the class). The point of the station was to show that exercise can be fun, which I think the kids realized…most of them ended up on the floor gasping for air because they were so out of breath from running around with the players trying to catch the ball.


After that event, I had to drive over to Ryan Elementary School in Westminster where I student teach for a fundraiser for the school titled “Kids With Candidates.” Basically, the kids signed up beforehand for different activities around the school and we (the student teachers) ran the activities. I was incredibly excited because I got assigned to the art room, and I LOVE art. Of course, I was anxious, because I kept thinking, “what if the kids don’t have fun? What if one of them gets hurt? What if ….”  But, they are kids, meaning that they were going to have fun no matter what they do, especially in an art room full of endless art supplies. There was a huge crate of animal print tissue paper, and we found a really creative way to make our own animals out of the tissue paper, which the kids really enjoyed. My favorite part of the night would have to have been when one of the girls that I had just met, a first grader named Lexi, who drew me three pictures and wrote my “teacher name”: Miss Chernick. Then she gave me a hug and hoped that one day I would be her teacher. That made my night complete. 

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