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Studying in Boulder

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Every CU-Boulder student has their favorite study spot. With the many buildings on campus, a giant library, and numerous cafes all over the city, there are many options for where to best get work done. I have a few spots that are my go to places, usually depending on how much time I have, what I need to get done, and what day of the week it is.

On weekdays when I need to get a lot of work done or do a lot of studying I like to go to Norlin Library. There are tons of secret study spots all over the building, so I highly recommend wandering around when you first get here to find a place that works for you. The large study area on the main (second) floor stress me out because of the intense silence and the fluorescent lighting. My favorite area in the library is on the third floor in the two long and narrow rooms on the sides if you enter from the west entrance. The rooms have art on the walls and big windows the allow a little natural light to enter. While still a quiet, library experience, it feels less like being trapped in a giant room with a lot of other stressed students.

My other favorite study spot is Buchannon's Coffee Pub on the hill. I have spent many long Sundays on the patio (if weather permits) or inside of this cafe. It is a more relaxed environment than the library and its location allows you to occasionally run into friends so you can take a study break. It may sound like it is full of distractions but it actually is a very good study environment, allowing you to get a lot of work done without stressing yourself out locked in a room. Buchannon's also has delicious hot chocolate as an added incentive to get things done.

As it is the start of finals season, I will be spending a lot of time at both these locations over the next few weeks.

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