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Monday, September 30, 2013

Hello all,


Since I am abroad in Istanbul, I thought I would compare some similarities and differences between being a student at CU, and one in Istanbul, here's what I got:


1. The class load is much heavier abroad: The average student takes 8-10 classes per semester in Turkey in order to graduate within 4 years. At CU, you only have to take 5 in order to graduate in four years.


2. The professors aren't as helpful: In the states, by and large, professors are willing to spend time with you outside of class to answer questions and help you work through any issues that you may be having with the material. Over here, most professors expect students to be doing the brunt of the learning on their outside of class, and thus they are not as willing to offer help, although there are of course exceptions to the rule.


3: The campus here is just as beautiful: The campus at CU is most beautiful campus in the country, and that is pretty much known as a fact. However, my campus here in Istanbul is also very beautiful. I am situated right on the Bosphorus, and there is an area known as the Dock, where students can sit at a cafe and look out across the water.


This is the view from the dock, I actually took this while I was doing some homework.

4: Students make much longer commutes: In Boulder, students generally live fairly close to campus. Most are well within walking distance. In fact, most students would classify the house that I live in as "far" from campus, but it is actually just two miles away. However, here students make much longer commutes to school. Some will take them well over an hour to get class, and because of Istanbul's unique geographical position, many students actually live in Asia, and commute to go to school in Europe.


5: There is no rec center on campus: This one is pretty self-explanatory.


6: Students are still very friendly: It appears that no matter where you go in the world, students are gonna be really nice. Despite the fact that I don't know the language, I have still been able to engage with many Turks, and I have even made a few new friends.


This is a picture of my campus in Istanbul.


Until next time,


Marketing • Boulder, CO

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