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The Story of $10,000

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Well, not in cash.

This semester, I took GEOG 3053 - Cartography 1 with the Geography department. Initially, I was not very keen on taking this class but seeing that it is a requirement for my Geography degree, I had no choice. Once I saw that the class was worth 4 credits and had weekly labs lasting 3 hours, I became even more expectant of a time-demanding syllabus.

The first week, I realised that it was indeed a lot of work and a lot of GIS and mapping knowledge. However, this is perhaps one of the most interesting classes I have taken this year. It was extremely practical and will be useful for years to come.

The major software we used for Cart 1 is called ArcGIS (ArcMAP, ArcCATALOG, etc). This software is worth $10,000. The department lets majors have it for free which is awesome. I got the software downloaded on my computer and it was useful to touch up weekly maps remotely and practice ArcGIS functions and SQL queries.

Here's an example of a map I created for a lab session (which by the way was shown in class the next week as an EXCELLENT map):

We all know that our education is for both present and futue application. But in more material terms, it's great to find out what your department offers to its majors. The library and other cost centers also have special codes under the University of Colorado system which students are entitled too.


Off to make more maps and GIS images for finals!


'Funmi Oy.

Environmental Studies, Geography • Port Harcourt, Nigeria