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Stop and Smell the Roses

Sunday, March 3, 2013


Well, it’s that time again--- midterm time. During this crazy week, you might find me locked away in my most favorite study spots on campus, or procrastinating in my most favorite spots around Boulder. This midterm week(s) I have done a little bit of both. You see, my time here in Boulder and at CU is limited. I mean, I will be graduating in…too soon to even mention, and every time I think about it, my heart aches. So, I have decided that this semester, even though I am crazy busy, I will take time to stop and smell the roses and enjoy all that is Boulder.

I have found that mixing study time with fun, relaxing time helps me feel calmer about my exams. This past week, I had three midterms (same with this week), but I still found time to enjoy the little things. On Monday, Student Ambassadors was lucky enough to go up to the Presidential Suite in Folsom! The view was, of course, breathtaking, and we were able to learn a lot about the football program. We also got to take individual pictures with Chip! Which, I believe was something that was on my Boulder Bucket List!

Other than this and enjoying my extra Pekoe Sip House lattes during this busy time, I have also spent a lot of time running beautiful trails here in Boulder. Running always clears my head, and its extra relaxing when I have the Flatirons to look at. If you also like running, or even hiking or walking, this is a really great site that shows you trails in Boulder -

This week, I will finally complete all of my midterms, but I will make sure to mix in some time to stop and smell the roses and appreciate the little things I love about CU and Boulder. Try to do the same this week! You will be amazed at how much more fun it makes life.

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