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Monday, April 2, 2012


This past break, I participated in the newest craze in vacationing: the staycation. Staycationing involves participating in events and having fun experiences "at home" instead of going away. I had a pretty eventful staycation here in the Boulder all started the Friday of break. A friend and I took up the offer from another friend to head into Denver and crash on his couch. Denver has a really awesome night life with tons of young people and an overall great atmosphere. Everybody that we met was incredibly fun too! Lots of great sports bars and clubs for anyone who is somewhat of a night owl. 
The following Tuesday my boyfriend and I drove up to Estes Park for the day--if you've never been there it is a treat! The mountains were breathtaking, so we decided to walk around and be touristy. We headed to a hot sauce tasting bar (we're both big fans!) and picked up some spicy and delicious hot sauce. Then we decided to cool of our mouths at the Estes Park Brewery-- a small yet tasty brewery with its own restaurant and taste bar on top. Watching the beer brew in enormous vats was totally bizarre but still really cool. My favorite beer was the raspberry wheat beer.
Next we decidedthat since the weather here has been unreal, we would go take a hike up through Rocky MountainNational Park. The viewswere unbelievable, but the altitude was a killer! 
On Friday, me, my boyfriend, and another one of our friends headed over to Golden for yet another wonderful brewery tour of the Miller-Coors factory. This brewery was a teeny bit bigger than the Estes Park Brewery (side note: this factory is massive). The tour is self-guided, but they give you a headset and you can be guided along the beer making process. At the end of the tour, you are taken intothe "lounge" where you get three free (big) samples. After our delicious samples, we headed to downtown golden to Woodys, a popular restaurant and grabbed a bite to eat before driving another half an hour into the mountains to the Riviera Black Hawk casino. I'm not much of a gambler, so I tried out the slots first, lost $7, but broke even at the blackjack table. After moving to another casino and meeting up with some of our other friends, we hit the tables again (where I lost $40 and gave up).  Clearly, gambling isn't my strength, but we still had a great time! 
All in all, there are plenty of exciting things to do here while staycationing. You should try it sometime :) 
That's all I have for now-- until next time! 
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