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Spring (?) Semester

Monday, February 6, 2012


Hey Friends!


I’m actually writing this blog to you on my first official snow day here at CU. The last semi-snow day we had was my freshman year, when they closed campus after 1pm. What am I doing to celebrate the snow? I’m glad you asked J


As you know, last semester I started student teaching for a wonderful 5th grade class from Ryan Elementary School in Westminster, CO. This semester, the School of Education focuses on teaching diverse learners, so we are student teaching in Denver Public School District. I just found out today that I will be student teaching for a 2nd grade class at Palmer Elementary School in Denver. This news is incredibly exciting because I haven’t had very much experience with 2nd graders before. We took a tour of the building last Tuesday and I thought that it was just a really interesting environment in terms of the diversity that is housed there. Irvington,  NY, my hometown, is a predominately white suburb of New York City, where everyone is upper middle class or upper class. As a result of growing up in this “bubble” as we like to refer to it as, I haven’t been exposed to “diversity” (that would probably be the most PC/best way to refer to it). Currently I am (supposed) to be reading a chapter on teaching diverse learners focusing on how to maintain home culture while infusing new ideas taught in schools in order to ensure that students learn about civic competence, or the responsibilities of being a democratic citizen in the United States—this semester the education classes I am taking are Reading Methods 2 and Elementary Social Studies Methods.


On an entirely different page, I wanted to mention one of my favorite events that takes place in Denver…the National Western Stock Show and Rodeo! I didn’t get the chance to blog about it before, but it is just so much fun that I had to mention it. Last year was my first rodeo experience, and truthfully I only went because my friend told me that there were plenty of attractive cowboys there J After learning about the various events that take place during the rodeo and watching them firsthand, I became hooked—watching the finals in Vegas on TV while on the elliptical is actually quite entertaining! Naturally, this year I was counting down the days until it came back around to Denver. Most people who have never experienced the rodeo before (I was one of the ignorant ones too) think that all the rodeo consists of is bull riding, which is so not the case. My favorite event is by far the steer roping, where the rider has to rope the steer by the horns, jump off his horse, and rope the legs together. The rider with the best time wins. Yes, it sounds cruel, but the animals aren’t harmed, so no need to be alarmed. The stock show also has cows for sale (hence the name “stock show,” and while I am in no position to buy a cow, I always like to browse). There are also vendors showing their (incredibly stylish and cute) cowboy boots, belts, hats, and other fun items. With country music blasting, which is my absolute favorite, and the rodeo spirit, this is an event you don’t want to miss. The after party with line dancing and bull riding at the Grizzly Rose is definitely an experience too!



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