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Spring Formal 2013 (the last Formal)

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Hey everyone!

I mentioned that my fraternity’s Spring Formal was coming up in my last post and here I am, having survived my fourth and final Formal. This one was unique in that I was actually the one who planned and set it all up (with my trusty cohort committee members Alex and Max). It was definitely one of the harder things I’ve done; it’s tough to organize dinner, lodging, and entertainment for 72 people! It was totally rewarding though. I had a great weekend with my date, Lizzi, and I’ve heard only good things from everyone else that went.

The weekend consisted of a classy dinner for all of our fraternity brothers and their lovely dates at a restaurant in Estes Park, CO, and then two days of relaxing and socializing at our condos (just outside of Estes Park). We never have any real structure to the weekend after the dinner, so everyone just does their own things on Saturday. One year I went hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park, last year I went to the Stanley Hotel (the inspiration for the hotel in The Shining), and this year I went mini golfing with my date and a few other couples. Lizzi and I kicked butt at mini golf, each of us scoring two hole-in-one’s. After that, we walked around the tourist-y part of Estes Park and got fudge, ice cream, and saw the biggest dog I’ve ever seen (they have literally every tourist attraction you could wish for there).

A lot of the other couples went into Estes Park as well or went hiking. Some guys went fishing, though they didn’t catch anything. Most of us did lie out in the beautiful sun for a while at some point, and we ended up making a huge aloe vera run later that afternoon.

We all returned this morning tired but satisfied, and also wishing that finals were just a little further away. It’s going to be tough to get through this last hump, but it’s the last finals prep for me! At least undergraduate finals, that is. I’m lucky enough to only have two tests during finals week, and then it’s graduation and the real world for me!

Good luck on AP test prep if those are coming up for you! Otherwise, enjoy the break before finals!

This is what $500 worth of food/utensils looks like, accompanied by the model, Alex Weltman.

"The Princes of Formal" or me and my Formal Committee. Max is on the left, Alex is in the middle, and I'm on the right.

My lovely date, Lizzi, and I by the bridge near our condos.

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