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Saturday, April 6, 2013

This week was full of special events for me! The GRAND OPENING of CAFE MEXICALI in Boulder was Wednesday, so naturally I rounded up Young Life College and we went for dinner. CafeMex, as it's called, is like a more-authentic style of Mexican food that is ordered in a Chipotle fashion. The line was 40 people long for the opening night, but always well worth the wait! They are famous for their special Creamy Habanero Sauce in which they smother their burritos - really, you can't go wrong at this place! Many of my YL friends are from out of state and had never had CafeMex, so I was excited to be part of their first time at the restaurant. The best/worst part about its opening is its location... about one mile from my house! I plan on eating there a lot this summer, but not before I run an extra eight miles or so to balance out the cheese and giant size of the burritos! I attached a picture of my Quesolle, a meat-and-cheese wrap, below!

Also this weekend was Admitted Student Day at CU. We have 4,000 students and their families come to visit campus and attend seminars about their specific interests at CU. I spent the morning greeting people at registration starting at 6:30 AM. Mom and Dad Chip came to visit, which as I have mentioned before, is one of my favorite traditions at CU. My fellow blogger Amanda and I took a picture with them - that's two pictures with Chip's parents in one year for me! Definitely a record. I posted a picture of us below. 

After photos and greeting, all the Student Ambassadors at Coors Event Center, as well as the University Choir, lead the first introductory session in the CU Fight Song, which was embarrassing because we were not loud enough. I still enjoyed getting to sing it though! Then I migrated to Regent Administrative Center where I helped with paperwork for incoming students confirming their intent to enroll - SO exciting! I absolutely LOVE getting to see new Buffs be excited about making Boulder their new home! After a few hours of rewarding paperwork, I tabled at the information fair and represented Student Ambassadors when people had questions about our organization. My job as a tour guide has been one of the most rewarding things I have been part of at CU! We do take freshmen, and we train you well, so don't let your age deter you from applying if you are interested! I also saw a few people today who have come on my tours throughout the year, so it was good to see that they liked campus enough to apply, and hopefully enough to confirm for the fall. 

The weather has been getting up to the 70s here in Boulder - means ski season is coming to a close, but hiking and biking opportunities are opening up again! Hope everyone has a great week!

Cafe Mexicali Boulder - Grand Opening!


Amanda and me with Chip's parents at sunrise!


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