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Sorority Recruitment

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


This past weekend was Sorority Recruitment! This is the time that all of the freshmen or sophomores who want to be in a sorority go through the process of choosing a house. It’s nothing like what you see in the movies, there is not judging on which item you eat first or what you wear. Recruitment, or rush, is a 4 day long process. And believe me, it is a whirlwind of an experience.

The first day is called first datebook. This is the most casual day and the day that you get to see all of the houses. When you go in each house, you talk to a few different girls and then sit down and watch a slideshow or a song. Each sorority then chants at you about their house. I know that this sounds completely crazy and creepy, but trust me, in the moment it seems perfectly normal.


The second day, or second datebook, is house tours day. This day you only go to 7 houses instead of 9. This is the day that you will be lead around each house and you get to see what more than just the outside and the living room looks like. This is always a fun day because a lot of these houses are mansions and it’s exciting to see what the inside looks like. This is the day that you start to picture yourself living in a sorority house.


The third datebook is skit night. This is the day that each house performs a skit for all of the girls going through rush. This is the most fun day out of all of them. You really get to see what each house’s personalities are and see what the girls are like. Some houses perform skits like “through the decades” “SNL parodies” or “The Grammy awards”. If you have ever seen the “Greek” episode about rush where they perform a skit, it’s exactly like that.


The last day is preference night. This night you only go to 3 houses. This is the night that you decide which sorority you want to join. Everybody gets dressed up and only talks to one girl for about an hour. You get to eat yummy desserts and hear from the seniors about what their sorority means to them. This night is much more quiet and heartfelt then any other night.


Once you choose your sorority, the next day you get to go to Bid Day! Bid Day is a big celebration! Everyone is so excited to find their new home! This year for Bid Day we went to Gateway Park and went go karting and played arcade games with all of our new members! It’s always so much fun to see all of the new members meeting everybody and learning what it means to be in a sorority! 

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