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So You Want to Study Abroad?

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

When I entered college, I knew that there was one thing that I definitely wanted to do within my four years, and that is study abroad. Both of my sisters went to CU Boulder and studied abroad second semester junior year. As I attended school, I began to understand that this seemed to be the trend for those who want to study abroad. The first step to studying abroad is attending a Study Abroad 101 meeting in the C4C. I went to this meeting being sure that I wanted to go abroad second semester junior year. I went to this class second semester sophomore year, getting a head start to make sure that I could get into the program thta I wanted. I thought that I wanted to go to Paris to study abroad. I took French classes in high school and one semester in college, but after attending Study Abroad 101, I decided that I wasn't in love with this idea.

In this meeting, they show you how to apply for your desired program and show you a sample of some programs. One that especially stood out to me was Semester at Sea. My oldest sister, Amanda, went on Semester at Sea, but being the youngest child I decided that I wanted to be independent and not do anything that my siblings did. That means no Italy and no Semester at Sea. But after attending these meetings and being told more abou this program, I became obsessed. I watched so many videos of Semester at Sea and stalked the website memorizing every page. I made my decision, I was going to apply for Semester at Sea. 

The application is fairly easy, or at least I thought it was at first. Little did I know, I was filling out the wrong application. This program is through the University of Virginia, but being a CU student, I needed to apply through CU. An advisor called me over the summer to inform me that I needed to fill out the application through CU's study abroad application process. Once I figured this out, I just needed to write a short essay, get a teacher recommendation, get a disciplinary judgement paper signed, and then wait. The waiting was the worst part. I was afraid that I had done something wrong and wouldn't be let into the program, or that the program would be full and I wouldn't even be able to go abroad. I was a wreck waiting for this decision. 

Finally, a few weeks into the new school year I got an email for Semester at Sea telling me that I had been accepted to their program! I couldn't believe it! I read and re-read that email thousands of time devouring each detail and learning everything that I needed to do to prepare. I am now working on my visas for China, Ghana, and India, scheduled my appointment for a yellow fever shot, and need to fill out a medical form. I'm so excited for this new adventure and chapter in my life! 

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