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So, snow is horrible and all that...

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Many of us come from countries where it is very warm all year round and adjusting to the Colorado climate could be a challenge. At first, I thought I would never get used to the tons of snow and the bi multi-polar weather in Boulder but in order to focus on important things within my control (such as school, hobbies, etc), I had to overcome those beyond my control (such as snow!). 

Here’s how to:

1. Be prepared

As a Boulderite, the only time you’re excused to be carefree about the weather in the heart of the summer. Even then, have at least a scarf handy. The Boulder weather has a mind of it’s own. Outsmart it.

It’s great to have a pair of warm mittens/glovesa scarf/shawlhead warmer and a little bottle of Vaseline or hand lotion.  In the winter, you should already be wearing a thick jacket over a hoodie or sweater, a thick pair ofjeans over leggings (for the ladies). Many times (for instance, a week like the one just past with highs of -2deg. F and lows of -12deg. F), you may need to triple up on all mentioned above. You’d rather be comfortable walking from class to class than shivering and losing concentration. Classes are typically warm so you could de-layer when you get into a building.

2. Befriend Celestial Seasonings…

…and others. If you are a tea lover, make some tea each morning and take some with you to class in a thermo bottle to keep it warm. Tea’s great! If coffee’s your thing, you could do the same. There are coffee stores around campus that have warm drinks for great prices.

3. Give room for spare time

It’s not the best thing to get to class just after the teacher is done with important announcements and has started teaching. If you are front-of-class lover like me, then it sucks when you have to walk down a huge class just to grab a seat. So, give room for late buses, slow walks, traffic, etc. When it snows, anything could happen so don’t get caught under the weather.

4. Go skiing on weekends.

As a Colorodan, you are obligated (by means of location) to head up to the mountains before you die. I haven’t yet, the snow and I are still working out how to get along with each other. However, sometime before I graduate - I promise.

5. Buy a camera and use it

TAKE PICTURES! TAKE MORE PICTURES!! AND THEN, TAKE SOME MORE!!! As soon as you get home to safety and warmth, the moments become worthy of remembrance.

We cannot control it, so we have to deal with it. And we could grumble through it or make the most use of it.

Have a great semester, while we wait for the summer.

Bless - 

‘Funmi Oy.

Environmental Studies, Geography • Port Harcourt, Nigeria