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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

So many applications, so little time! I just finished my Virtual Student Foreign Service eInternship application (finally). This is the second year I'm applying, and hopefully I'll get it again! Last year I was assigned to make YouTube videos in Italian conveying certain aspects of American life and culture. I made a few videos, and even one about CU Boulder! My Italian friends loved it, and some of them are planning to visit! This year I applied to work more in Spanish, mainly with USAID or the American Embassy in Mexico. The VSFS is a great opportunity for anyone interested in foreign cultures or policy. Definitely look into it!

Tonight we're finally out of the heat wave. Yesterday was brutal. It hit 100 and it was really humid. Really missing that Boulder dryness right now! But luckily tonight we got a lot of rain and some pretty amazing thunderstorms. There was even a tornado warning out in Essex County (about 45 minutes from my house), but we're still not sure if anything touched down. I love thunderstorms, and I have this theory that thunderstorms sound different depending on where you are. For example, where I used to live in Viterbo, Italy, the sound of the thunder would bounce off stone buildings, giving it a sharper sound (if that makes any sense), but in my town here, the thunder has more of a booming sound, since there is more wood and more sound absorbant materials around. Who knows if that makes any sense, but that's what I think!

Tomorrow night I'm going to my high school study abroad reunion in Boston. It's at the JFK Museum and Library, which is absolutely beautiful and has one of the best views of Boston ever. I'm really excited to get to see some of my friends from Italy, as well as my director. He is definitely one of the coolest guys ever. Then this weekend I'll be heading down to New York City to see one of my best friends from Boulder! I haven't seen him since December, and I'm so excited to see him and his new puppy. It should be a good time!

I hope everyone reading this is staying cool and getting ready for the Olympics! Go USA!

Italian • Boston, MA

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