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Snow they say

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Brace yourselves, future Buffs: it will snow in Colorado. And when it snows, CU usually doesn't pansy it out and call a snow day, even if every school in Boulder Valley County is shut down and most businesses are closed. No, your professor won't care if there are 12 inches on the ground. They won't care that it's -12 degrees outside... before the windchill. They won't even care if your power went out in your apartment, or if your bus to class just didn't show up. Rain or shine, snow or sleet, hail or white-out or blizzard or __________, chances are, you're going to school tomorrow.

CU is notorious for getting buzzed about the potential for a snow day. The night before any hint of a storm-- before any whiff of Greeley begins to sting the nostrils-- people are already talking about "what if school closes tomorrow?!" Professors send out messages iregarding syllabus adjustments in the event of a snow day. Your student group advisor will kindly remind you that, only if school is closed can you skip out on your club's event. The more and more people begin to talk about a snow day, the more of a reality it becomes in your head, and the more you're certain that you'll wake up and not be able to see out your window.I mean, how could you not let the possiblities infect you? The prospect of a whole extra day to sled and throw snowballs before an evening of respite in front of the TV with a steaming cup of hot chocolate sounds pretty glorious. To have an entire day to (un)wisely devote to battling the roads and hitting the mountains for some fresh lines, free of unexcused absences, is divine. 

And man, when the snow falls relentlessly, leaving a powdery coat on the ground that's just begging to make your car tires do the tango, and you learn that, in fact, school is cancelled for the day, you feel lighter than air. 

I believe, however, it has happend a grand total of two times in my entire 4 years at CU. And, yes, those days were pretty wonderful, but there were plenty of days that definitely warranted a snow day when it was not so graciously given.

So, nine times out of ten, you better strap on your big girl boots, wrap your self in a scarf, and make the trek to your 9AM. 

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