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Snow Snow Dump Dump Dump

Monday, March 4, 2013

Yeah, the first big snow of the year in Boulder came this past weekend. For those out of state students who have never seen snow you can always see their eyes light up with excitement and wonder. We received around 8 inches of snow this past weekend and I love it. Whether you like going outside and throwing snowballs at all of your passing friends or building snowmen. Snow can be the most exciting time of the year. On Sunday, I went to a local hill in Boulder, grabbed my sled, and spent three hours flying down the hill with my roommates and other friends. Although spending my time in the white fluff can be a great time my favorite, part about the snow is watching fall from inside your room while you drink a cup of Hot Chocolate. If you were me however, I drank four cups of hot chocolate on Sunday and regretted that decision when I finished my final sip of the fourth cup. Oh well that is the fun that comes with winter in Colorado.

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