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Ski Season: The start of a dormant love affair

Monday, November 7, 2011


All week we anticipated the glorious moment: the first day that Copper Mountain would be open. Because the beginning of ski season in Colorado is really just about being out there with your friends and not so much the knee-deep powder (reserved for January and February), we opted not to wake up before sunrise and trek to the mountains. We left at a comfortable 10:30 AM instead and made the drive up I-70, which was unusually traffic free. As we climbed through the Colorado Mountains and passed underneath Eisenhower tunnel, the snow coating the sides of the roads offered us a good sign: maybe it'd be a decent day of skiing after all. 

Finally, we arrived at Copper's base. Everyone's face lit up like it was Christmas morning the moment we sat down on the lift. Going down the hill for the first time in a few months was like visiting an old friend. I settled into my rhythm of turns, stops, turn. Since it was early in the season, only one run was available ride down, but we didn't care. We stayed until the lifts stopped running, relishing in the medicore conditions. 

Upon arriving home, we ordered some pizza and wings and bought some beer (since we're 21!). I don't think that combination of food has ever tasted better in my mouth, especially when added to the lingering joy of finally being on skis again. WIth a winter forecasted to dump snow on Colorado, we knew that the prospects the mountains would yield were sure to be incredible. Mix in good times, stir in a few good friends, and I think we'll be looking at one of the best seasons I will have experienced in Colorado.  

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