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Sipping n' Painting

Monday, October 14, 2013

Hi guys!

This is the beginning of the eighth week of semester, so the exact middle! I can’t believe it is going by so quickly!  It’s nice to have a routine and to know that we are making progress, but there is still this part of me that is wishing the semester would slow down a bit!

It seems like everything is moving too fast these days, including this past weekend! I started out Friday, bright and early at about 6am.  I was helping with a Student for a Day program through the Student Ambassadors and the Office of Admissions where perspective students from all over the country can come and spend a day at CU and learn about all of the programs we have to offer, they eat lunch at the C4C, and they participate in activities that get them excited about applying to CU!  I was at the UMC welcoming them to CU at about 7am.  After two hours of class and then helping out with the SFAD again by showing off the residence hall show room and sitting on a panel of students to answer any questions the perspective students had, I was done around 2pm, tired but ready to start my weekend!

One of the great things about Boulder is that it is normally only about 45 minutes to an hour away from Denver!  Friday afternoon, my roommate and two friends of ours drove down to Denver to go to my roommate’s mom’s painting studio, called Sipping n’ Painting and to spend the evening in Denver.  It is normally a place where people can receive painting instruction on how to do a painting, while having a good time with friends.  We ate dinner at Noodles and Company and then spent the rest of the evening relaxing after a long week.  We were also able to stop by my house down in Centennial for a little while, which is always nice! My lovely mother welcomed us with baked goods, as usual.  It is so nice to have a different city only an hour away!

The rest of the weekend was filled with catching up on sleep and studying for midterms this week.  I did have time to catch the movie Gravity, in 3D though, which was a lot of fun, but made me very anxious! Overall it was really nice weekend! 

Here is a picture of the sunrise I took while walking on campus Friday morning.  I personally think the campus is prettiest early in the morning. 


Here is a picture of my friends and I with our paintings! 

Linguistics; Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences • Centennial, CO

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