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Silver Linings

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Silver linings have been playing a big part in my life recently, especially regarding this weather. While I do think that it is absolutely crazy that we're getting this much snow in April, my silver lining is that I get to see the Flatirons covered in snow one last time before moving back east, which is absolutely an amazingly beautiful sight. Aside from the weather, things have also been pretty crazy, especially seeing that finals and graduation are less than three weeks away! While sometimes it's is hard for me, and for a lot of seniors I think, to find a silver lining regarding leaving the wonderful CU Boulder, I finally got mine today! I have been accepted into a program in Spain to teach English for a year, and I am so excited! Not only am I excited to be returning to Spain, but I finally get to work with little kids again, which is (almost) always so much fun! It's going to present some challenges, but with all that I've experienced at CU Boulder, I know I'll be ready to face them head on!

In other news, Greek Week is coming to an end tomorrow, which is very bittersweet! Greek Week has always been my favorite part of Greek life since I was a freshman. But I really couldn't have asked for a better Greek Week to end my career than this one. The people I have been able to meet are all wonderful, and it has been great to meet people from different houses that I wouldn't normally talk to on a daily basis. Plus, I've learned some sweet dance moves from Songfest to add to my repertoir. Speaking of Songfest, everyone should come to watch it tomorrow at Coors Event Center at 7pm! It's free, and I'm not kidding when I say that you will see some amazingly talented dancers on the floor. I, unfortunately, am not one of them, but I am always blown away by the coreography of the other houses and my own. Definitely something to watch!

I hope everyone has a great weekend and stays dry and warm!

Italian • Boston, MA

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