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SIA in Denver

Friday, February 8, 2013

Last weekend I was able to go to SIA at the Convention Center in Denver. SIA, which stands for SnowSports Industries America, is a convention where all the big name brands in the skiing and snowboarding industry gather in one place to show off all of their new gear. The event is not open to the public and is mainly attended by people who work in the industry, especially representatives from ski and snowboard shops looking for what to sell in their shops for the next season.

A good friend of mine from home, Evan, is in a band and they were in town to play at the event- which is how I was able to get in. We got to walk around to all the booths to check out the gear for much of the day, and for the majority of that time I was practically speechless from excitement at seeing everything. My friend's performance was amazingly fun and everyone in the Center came to our booth to watch. Pictures coming soon!


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