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Showing Off Boulder

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Hi there!

I cannot believe it is already February! Where did January go?? I hope everyone is staying warm out there.  Here in Boulder, it is a particularly cold week, with temperatures in the single digits and teens.  Luckily, I think we will have temperatures in the 50s next week, so we can all look forward to that!

I also hope all Broncos fans are recovering from the disappointment of this previous Sunday, when the team epically lost the Super Bowl.  But that’s okay, we will get ‘em next year! I spent the evening at a friend’s apartment, watching with friends (and doing homework, if I’m completely honest). 

I had to catch up on some reading and some homework because I went home last weekend, again, to spend time with my sister, Emma, who is still visiting from China, with her boyfriend, Nick.  They also each had a friend in town, one from Indiana who lives in Chicago named Genny, and one from South Africa who lives in DC, named Matt.  It was a great reunion for them all, since they hadn’t seen them in a few years.  I loved meeting their friends, and I loved getting to hang out with them all this weekend! It was fun to show off the lovely town of Boulder to people who had never seen it before, and to explore down town Denver with them as well! I feel so lucky to live so close to home that family can come visit me up at school, see where I live, and meet some of my friends, and then I can go down to Denver to spend the weekend down there!

On Fridays, I have class from 12pm to 2pm, which is kind of an inconvenient time, to be honest.  I prefer to have classes in the mornings, and then have afternoons free, but this semester my schedule didn’t work out that way.  So on Friday, the four of them drove up in the late morning, and went to NCAR and Chautauqua, two staples of Boulder.  NCAR stands for the National Center for Atmospheric Research, and it is really cool and full of scientific information about the climate and weather.  There is a really cool museum, and it is fun for everyone, especially if you are a geek like me! Chautauqua is another really cool area of Boulder where a lot of Boulderites like to go hike. It is actually considered a National Historical Monument, according to my sources.  I definitely recommend checking them out when in Boulder! Unfortunately, I was unable to go with them, but I met up with them for lunch after my classes! We went to the Walnut Brewery for lunch, where they all got to try bison burgers and bison fajitas.  They also got to sample the beers there, but I was unable to because I am not yet 21.  I think Nick and Matt especially enjoyed Boulder and Denver because they are from South Africa, and don’t have a ton of experience with snow! I had a great time, and it was really fun to spend time with my sister and her friends!

After lunch, we drove back down to Denver, and spent the rest of the weekend exploring Denver, sledding, and trying to stay warm when we weren’t outside enjoying the snow!

Here is a picture of us at the Walnut Brewery! 


Also, here are links to the sites for NCAR and Chautauqua!

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