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Senioritis to the fullest

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Five weeks into school and I already have a severe case of Senioritis. Obviously this is really bad timing, since midterms are, well, now. And of course with it being so rainy out, no one wants to do anything but sleep. But I'll just have to power through and get it done!

Speaking of weather, today was absolutely insane weather wise. There was a huge thunderstorm during my Spanish Lit class, and we even lost power for a second. Then, when I was running around campus trying to do some errands, there were a few tornado warnings! And then later, when a few friends and I were driving to Denver, there was some of the hardest downpours I have ever seen in my life. It was AWESOME. And I know I sound like a nerd for saying it, but really, Colorado is the best place to watch weather. Not only can you see storms from miles away due to the flat terrain to the east, but I swear the mountains make the thunder sound even more impressive.

Well on that note, we just had a fire alarm go off at 2 in the morning at our house. Fortunately it was only triggered due to the power outage we just had, but it is unpleasantly cold outside to be standing around forever! I feel so bad for our neighbors though. I'm pretty sure it woke up not only the Alpha Phi sorority house nextdoor, but also the other smaller houses across the street. Definitely what I'd call a rude awakening!

That's all for now! Off to study for midterms and write some papers!

Italian • Boston, MA

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