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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Hello, everyone!


My Senior Year has officially started! I'm two weeks in and already... as usual... my schedule is full of fun and work! This summer I covered a lot of ground in just four months!

I gave tours for CU, worked at Rush Bowls on the Hill (a fruit smoothie and Acai bowls restaurant - you MUST try it if you come visit Boulder!), hiked four 14ers - Quandary, Grey's, Torrey's, and Mount Evans, took a Maymester and Session B class, ran my second Half Marathon and second Bolder Boulder, facilitated a marriage proposal between two of my close friends, went to Young Life camp for a weekend in Winter Park, visited my best friend in Texas and got to experience Texas heat, Tex-Mex, and Texas culture, and LAST BUT CERTAINLY NOT LEAST, went to California and Las Vegas with my family and some friends from Young Life college at CU. That tires me out just thinking about all of those activities! But now that we are back in Boulder, I get to fit more school into all of that fun as well :)


Our first week back was full of Young Life College welcome events! We held a Man Hunt for freshmen where leaders dressed up in costumes around pictures and we had to get pictures with them and our team... we had a lot of questions about what we were up to, which was awesome! I attached a picture of the night below.

I also have started working at a local middle school as part of my practicum for the School of Education! I already adore the students and the teachers with whom I'm working. You'll be hearing stories about that as the year goes on!


Surfer Bro on Ralphie!


Psychology/Education • Centennial, CO

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