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Senior Halloween = Success!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Despite how crazy busy this time of the semester has been, I still made time for celebrating Halloween. And in case you were wondering, I ended up wearing a pair of Minnie Mouse ears and a black dress for the few events I attended at which I dressed up - I wanted to dress for the occasion, but not draw too much attention to myself. I feel like senior year it's less about the costume preparation and more about pooling the resources you already have to put together a costume - we have to save that money for grad school, you know?!

The Student Ambassadors went to a haunted house in Broomfield as a bonding activity during Halloween week. We had many laughs and a few tears here and there even before we entered the house! The house covered all the scary aspects - man with a chainsaw, a blacksmith causing sparks, creepy little children, zombies, clowns, strobe lights, crawling spaces, and roaches. After we finished the house, the majority of us were laughing because of its good value, but one friend of mine was still in tears. No better way to bonding than fear bonding... am I right? I posted a picture of us below. 

Later that week, Young Life College had its annual pumpkin carving and smashing party. We gathered a bunch of old pumpkins and took turns hitting them with sledge hammers after having cut a few of them to look pretty. That anger release was accompanied by hot apple cider, good company, and more costumes... who doesn't love that combination? 

Hope everyone had a fun, sugar-filled, safe holiday!


Ambassadors take on the haunted house...

can you tell which of us was the most scared? :)

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