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Monday, November 12, 2012


So, you may have heard that Boulder is a sleepy little college town, when it comes to crime rates, and this is true. In fact, the biggest crime here is property theft. Can you guess what is stolen the most? Bikes. There are so many bikes in this city--- even more than cars…and I like to joke that some of these bikes cost even more than my car. So, Boulder is a quiet, safe college town.

But, as it gets darker earlier, some may be concerned with walking, or biking, home in the dark after late classes or a late study session. Well, not to fear! I actually just got back from my late class, just a week ago I was walking home as the sun was setting and now I’m walking home as the stars come out. On my walk home, my only concern was how cold it was. In fact, I  have never felt unsafe walking around campus or the city after dark.  And even if you do feel a little nervous about walking home in the dark…or a little nervous about freezing when it’s cold, Boulder has so many convenient options to ease these nerves!


Here are some options--

1. Night Ride/Night Walk
Night Ride will take you anywhere you want to go, from point A to point B, within the city limits of Boulder.  And Night Walk is the same concept, except it caters to those students who are walking from point A to point B on campus. Read more about these student run services here-

2. The Boulder Bus System
This is one of my favorite types of transportations that the City of Boulder offers. All of the buses are free and the names of the buses correspond with how far they are going in the city, so it’s very simple to use. Example- The Hop runs from campus to Pearl and places like 29th street…because they are just a hop away!

So, even though it’s getting colder, and darker, and I no longer get to watch the sunset on my walks home, there are still options available for me to get home and not be cold while doing it. :) 

See? These services are just another way the Boulder/CU is totally tailored to the college student’s lifestyle. 



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