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Roped In on the First Flatiron

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


As Spring Break wound down, and the reality of the sprint finish towards finals set in. I was sitting in my backyard with Flip wondering how we could squeeze out the final drops of our glorious week off.


Around then, I got the very welcome message from our friend Eddie, a very experienced rock climber, who spent the week in Utah climbing faces either vertical or past vertical, and sleeping part way up the ledge because they were too big to conquer in a day (sounds pretty cool, huh?). Unfortunately, some weather moved in and he had to return home early (you would hate to be half way up an enormous cliff and have it start pouring), and he wanted to take us up the first flatiron, one of Boulder's most recognizable features.



We got a late start and Eddie led us up. It was the first experience I had ever really had with harnessed, outdoor rock climbing like that, and I was thankful for Eddie’s experience (especially since Flip is innately unable to recognize what he does and does not know how to do, even when the distinction will decide whether or not we tumble down a rock face to near certain death.


Flip on the way up

The climb was not difficult; in fact it was rather easy. It took a few hours but more because of the time we had to spend setting pieces and preparing for the belay. But the views were pretty spectacular at the top.

Eddie leading the way


The rec center outdoor programs are pretty cool, and I encourage all of you to check them out here. They actually lead weekend trips all around the state, and frequently take groups up the flatirons (and don’t worry, they are led by people like Eddie, not Flip)



Looking down from the top


And the view from the top, with Boulder nestled right up to the foothills

If you are interested in all of the wonderful outdoors Boulder and Colorado have to offer (and you should be), this is a good place to start.

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