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Friday, March 1, 2013

I am coming to you live from Boise, Idaho (which, as a side thought, is a very nice city).


I am here with the club lacrosse team to play two games. Tonight we play Boise State, and tomorrow afternoon we get to play Oregon. I have always thought that one of my favorite aspects about playing college sports is the travel. The trips are a lot of fun. One concern I hear from a lot of prospective athletes is how to balance travel and school. Well, the way it works is that you get excuse forms from the club sports office, which you then take to all your professors, and the two of you work out a way for you make up any missed assignments. Furthermore, while on the road you do often have to take care of some work. Last night I took a quiz online in the hotel. However, in short, your schoolwork does get taken care of if you stay on top of it.


Other fun thoughts:


We had the pleasure of driving in a bus to Boise for this trip. We left at 9 pm on Wednesday, drove overnight (changing drivers 3 times) and arrived around 10:30 am on Thursday. Here is a pic of the back of the bus with about 2.5 hours left to go. 


Club sports are sweet, and if you have the opportunity/interest to play a club sport here at CU, here is the link to page that has a whole lot of info.


Since we are in Boise, we get to play on the famous all-blue turf tonight at Bronco Stadium. Pics to come.

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