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Monday, September 12, 2011

I don't know if you've noticed this, too, but good old Facebook has innovated the "status" feature to show you what your Facebook status said one or two years ago. Being my senior year, this little gadget has had me reminiscing about some of the amazing things I've done in college. Two years ago, I had just moved in with some of my closest friends from the dorms. Being in our first apartment was such a fun and exciting feeling-- for the first time, I was completely independent. I cooked my own food, had to clean up after myself, could come when I wanted to go when I pleased. My roommates and I would cook together, go out together, watch endless marathons of 24 together. We would go to all the football games (which my statuses reminded me of!), sporting our black and gold and screaming our hearts out for the Buffs. The freedom I felt that year, however, was about to double, because one year later, I travelled abroad to Salamanca Spain. 

This kind of freedom posed completely different problems-- I couldn't just call my mom when I needed help or had a question. I couldn't hardly ask my host mom either, at least, not until I tackled the language barrier. I couldn't travel until I learned to read a bus and train schedule and book hostels online. I forged some of the closest bonds I've ever made because all my friends and I relied on eachother for help in a foreign country. My freedom was almost unlimited, which often required me to reconcile the past and the present; should I spend time skyping friends and family back home or be going out with my newly acquired foreign friends? I started to think in another language-- completely liberating me from ideas that had been constructed solely based on my knowledge of the English language. 

So, yes, Facebook has had me glimpsing into the past, remember good times with great friends that formed the foundation of my college experience. But, college isn't over yet, and even when I don the mortar board and my robes to receive my diploma, so many things await. Many experiences are yet to be had, many friends are yet to be made. CU will always be close in my heart, a cherished blink of time where my first engagements with true freedom yielded me to self discovery. But for whatever the future holds, I'm on the edge of my seat, ready to live it. 

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