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Registering for Classes

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

It's that time of year again! Time to register for next semester's classes! This process can be pretty stressful for some people and for others, it's a breeze. Here are some tips on a smooth registration. 

1. Figure out your registration time in advance. You can find your registration time on and it will tell you when you get to register. These registration times are based on the number of credits that you have. The more credits, the earlier you get to register and you will be more likely to get the classes you want. If you are an incoming Freshman, you don't need to worry about your registration time because you will register for classes during orientation. 

2. Go see an advisor. Go to your advisor to ask any questions that you have about classes or about what classes you need to take to fulfill your major credits. They are incredibly helpful if you don't know what to take or even where to start. 

3. Check you Degree Audit. A Degree Audit is found on under the student tab. This is a website that will show you all of the classes you have taken and all of the classes that you need to take in order to graduate. It gives you options and descriptions of each class. Whenever I'm trying to pick my classes, I go onto my Degree Audit and check which categories of classes I need to fulfill. I then click each option they give me and read the descriptions and decide which ones sound the most interesting to me. 

4. Talk to your friends. If you have friends that have already taken certain classes, talk to them and ask about which classes you should take. If they've already taken a class, they will know the pros and cons. They also may have heard things about certain classes that will help guide you in your decision. 

5. Put you schedule together. I like to do this a few days before my actual registration time so I don't get stressed out when I'm registering. Pick the classes you found on your degree audit and see what times they are offered. Then fit your schedule together. The website will show you what other classes you have already chosen so you don't pick a class for the same time. It will also show you what classes are available and which ones are waitlisted. I try to stay away from waitlisted classes just because I like it when things are set in stone, but every once in awhile it's not bad to sign up for a waitlisted class. There is a good chance that people will drop because the semester even starts, so you will get into the class. Although, that's not guaranteed. 

6. Check out! Once you've found your classes, it's time to check out online. This is the final step in registering. All you need to do is click check out and all of the classes you have chosen will become your schedule for next semester! 

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