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Redefining "Snow Days"

Friday, January 25, 2013

Hello, everyone! This last week felt sort of like break again - but I'm definitely not complaining!

I had a great long weekend. On Sunday, my friends and I went to church and then headed over to The Village coffee shop, a breakfast diner that I would describe as kind of 90s-Seinfeld style! It's delicious and very normal food, but in the best, best way! Sunday night, my roommate and I went up to her cabin to ski at Winter Park for a few days. We had a large group of friends join us during the days and various nights, so it was constant community and relaxation! Every time we drive up to the mountains we are reminded what a gorgeous state we live in - not to mention the incredible opportunity we have to get to ski an hour and a half away from us! I posted a picture below of our big group.

This Wednesday night at Young Life College, we took about 50 people to the Ice Rink on Pearl Street for a night of games and skating. I thought I was going to be terrible at skating, but I actually think my skiing ability crossed over more than I expected! We had races, held hands, and cracked up when someone would wipe out from just standing still. Afterwards we headed to starbucks for late-night drinks to warm up! It was an awesome event to meet new people and get to bond over shared skating abilities (or lack there of)! I posted a picture of the group below.

This week I have been compiling everything for my application to the School of Education, and it's been less stressful than I anticipated. I got fingerprinted, had some evaluation forms finished, and created my 1,000 word essay all on my to-do list for the week - but I'm finally done! I'm really excited to start the classes in the fall if I get in, so fingers crossed!

For the weekend ahead, I have a Young Life leader retreat in Granby, CO and a 50 page script to read for theater class. Let's see which one sounds more fun... Hope you all have a great weekend!



Young Life College at CU goes ice skating!



My friends and I on MLK day up at Winter Park! Go Buffs!




Psychology/Education • Centennial, CO

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