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Reboot, Recharge

Monday, November 28, 2011

This past week, CU had the entire week off of school to celebrate the holidays. After 13 weeks of going strong, students packed up their suticases and headed home, ready to kick their feet up, take hour long naps, eat homecooking, and take showers that actually have decent pressure (or maybe that's just me). It was both well deserved and well needed.

I headed down to Colorado Springs, where my family lives, with a mountain of laundry and a little overnight bag. I made no plans and had no intentions of doing much besides hanging out with my parents, siblings, and dogs. Sometimes, you just need a little bit of time to get back to the simplicity of life-- no tests, no papers, no late nights. I had a few friends in town, but we all got together only one time; I think that everyone just wanted to savor their time with their family. 

My mom and I went to yoga, my dad and I went on runs. I took the dogs on walks and played old Playstation games with my sister, reigniting old rivalries. I watched movies, played card games, baked pies, all while effortelessly eshewing the idea of productivity and advancement, and instead slowed down for a little bit.

Thanksgiving, probably one of my favorite holidays, brought family in from all over, who I also hadn't seen in months. Reconnecting over cranberry sauce and turkey revitalized my spirit. 

Now that we're back at school, the library is already full. Campus is buzzing. Professors are warning their students to finally start their research papers and begin making study guides for the finals. The last push is here, and sometimes that pressure can feel as though your mind is being squeezed into a hole that is way too small. These next two weeks are some of the toughest here at CU Boulder. Luckily, students were able to reboot and recharge right before the most demanding two weeks of the semester. I myself soaked up time with my family, in my house, finding it easy to forget how to be a college student for a few days.





















Me and Owen spending some quality timem together




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